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Our Process - A Look Into The Customer Journey

Research & Strategy
Why do your customers choose you over the competition? What will motivate them to return to you, again and again? We define your website strategy to ensure that your online presence is effective and engaging for your consumer. We include a full host of research to dig deep into the heart of your industry and create powerful solutions for your brand.

Digital Business Services
Services to contextualize digital trends, audit digital capabilities and plan digital strategies.Our Creative Process

Development& Testing
Just like brick and mortar, well written code makes the difference in a website’s functionality, usability and whether it will stand the test of time. We have the knowledge and experience to craft accessible and well documented code, providing you with the right tools to fit your needs, even if it means building from scratch.

Marketing & SEO
What good is a stellar website if nobody sees it? Great SEO is the culmination of research, design and code. We combine search terms that are relevant to your business with beautifully built websites that search engines love, resulting in top-notch placement. We’ll help you with a plan to ensure that you’re reaching your goals for years to come.

Our Approach
We use vision, creativity and expertise to connect businesses with their customers and drive commercial success across touchpoints. Working with us isn’t just about achieving the end result, it’s about what we do getting there, changing the way you think about your business, forever.

Your Strategic Digital Partner
Once you’ve chosen Digital Buzz Monkeys to work with you on developing your digital assets we expect you to expect dynamic ideas, leadership and professionalism from us. We want you to ask difficult questions and to develop trust in us based on the answers we provide. Every single person at Digital Buzz Monkeys plays a role in understanding your needs and helping you to reach your goals, and we use the best project management methods and an agile methodology to deliver results on time and on budget.

Creative Visionaries
Our commitment to creating exceptional user experiences means we start our design from the ground up. Our designers work closely with you to sketch out ideas and bring them to life before even placing a single pixel on the screen. We then blend detailed analysis of your customers with some creative magic and the outcome is a design that encompasses your business objectives, a strong brand identity and the latest online practices.

User Experience is Everything
Not only is our creative team very talented in design but they are also User Experience experts so every detail added to our creative designs are pixel perfect for the best possible online experience for your customers. Our creative team is technically minded and always work with the latest solutions and technologies to display your content in the most dynamic and engaging means possible.

Code Connoisseurs
We take pride in the work we do and we want it to be perfect, why wouldn’t we? Because of this you might say our backend is as beautiful as the front. We integrate all of our work into a well architectured foundation so that it is stable, secure and scalable. Having worked with a variety of different CMS flavours including Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentico, Zimbra Communities, TeamSite and WordPress to name a few, we’ll instinctively know what will work for you.

After Care
We’re proud of what we create here at Digital Buzz Monkeys and we want to feel that our solutions continue to work hard for our partners.
We monitor and analyze traffic as well as visitor behavior on your website. We can create content reports that help you understand which parts of your website are performing well and which pages are most popular so you can create even better experiences for your customers.

With a dedicated maintenance & support team we provide a prompt and reliable service which includes a fully documented process, quick turnaround times, thorough testing and flexible support hours.

What Has Digital Buzz Monkeys Been Up To?

At Digital Buzz Monkeys no job is to big or small, and our most important client is you. Below are a few samples of recently completed projects. Click the thumbnails to view larger versions. Just close the window when you are ready to return to Digital Buzz Monkeys. Hope you enjoy!
Pittsburgh PA Digital Marketing Company

Pittsburgh Stone & Waterscapes came to us looking for a modern fresh design for their business. Our create team put together to mockup you see above and custom tailored it to the clients wants and needs. The end result is a responsive design that flows nicely.

Pittsburgh PA Web Design

Steammasters has experience rapid growth in the last couple of years and wanted to update their out dated website to something more modern. While they opted for a non responsive design, the finished product is amazing and their clients love it!

Pittsburgh Responsive Web Design

The New York Juice Company needed something more attractive that was sleek on a desktop and mobile device. The new site is responsive and just what they were looking for. It has a fresh clean feeling that is very inviting for exsisting clients and new clients.

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